goodnight, farewell, so long, i love you

dear khws connoisseurs, present and future,

This station has meant more to me than I can articulate in a single post, but I will attempt to serve my love justice.  KHWS, I would listen and you would provide.  You cultivated my passion, you nourished my nascent curiosity, you graduated me into a world of sounds and cultures previously part of my vast cloud of ignorance.  My listeners became friends, companion beacons in the night, kindred spirits. You rock, you roll.  Now it’s my turn to roll out.

love into the dark quiet night,



Wednesday, May 23, 2018

introducing!… jake adler! at 4
the smash box office hit!… otis and jasper! at 5
the feature film debut of!… noah martin! at 6
starring! in their final role together… charlotte weinman and ari shooshani! at 7
also starring!… eli timoner! at 8
directed by… wilder short! at 9
produced by… kate von mende! at 10
edited by… jeanine kim! at 11

eli timoner (for the very last time)
dive // beach house
daddy’s gone // danger mouse
don’t cry // j dilla
hey, that’s no way to say goodbye // leonard cohen
krystal // boyo
in my life // the beatles
“heroes” // david bowie
casimir pulaski day // sufjan stevens
reservations // wilco
ride into the sun // the velvet underground
godspeed // frank ocean
quicksand // david bowie
all my friends // lcd soundsystem
the end // the beatles