as some of you may know our beloved server/streaming service, live365, is going under, officially, january 31 (sunday, tomorrow) due to some law/ruling regarding royalties (the details are confusing, we don’t know too much) that was only in effect until 2016. they wouldn’t be able to sustain themselves under the new conditions, so after 15 years of hosting, this is the year it goes out. we’re sorry this is as sudden as it is, but we learned very recently that it will be happening for sure.

so what does this mean for khws-
hopefully, nothing other than a lot of confusion and a revised broadcast guide. we have been looking at a lot of alternatives and have narrowed it down to a few.

v v v v v v v v v v v v v v

so, unfortunately, KHWS will be put on an indefinite, but hopefully non-lengthy hiatus for the time being, going into effect after tomorrow’s shows.

hopefully we can bring this to a close soon and leave something sustainable. thank you all for understanding.

from the present to the future~
khws mgmt (jeremy, simone, daniela)