new year new setlists; 10/11/21

tran central station by ava tran (4-5)

mic check by cornelius

up & down by crumb

drown by ahn byeong woong and giriboi

fuck “eager to please” by salami rose joe louis

tell me you need me by fleetwood mac

con sordino by deerhoof

cut your bangs by radiator hospital

color my life by chicano batman

windows forever by playdate

fdf by cero

october song by amy winehouse

restless song by shadow community

the way by stevia and susumu yokota

planet claire by the b-52’s

mystery by inner wave

best friends, right? by amy winehouse

alec (6-7)

it gets more blue by girlpool

ballad of big nothing by elliott smith

leach by cryogeyser

pier by the campbells

even though i knew by frankie cosmos

june by sex

she said by jotay

sneaky devil by the garden

morning rock by junglepussy

full circle by the pom-poms

waited so long by machine girl

leni by crystal castles

false awakening by gupi

dubbs by tony velour

x-ray by tommy cash

visions by charli xcx

lena (7-8)

sticky hands by kuromi

utopia by niis

liars beware by richard hell

i am decided by the amps

universal heart-beat by juliana hatfield

just once more by dressy bessy

new song (from me to you) by dressy bessy

racing gloves by plumtree

worry with you by sleater-kinney

debaser by pixies

french navy by camera obscura

junk bond trader by elliott smith

proud by alex g

he’s kissing christian by that dog.

another girl, another planet by the only ones