thank god for thursday!

7-8…charlotte & arianna
8-9…jessica d (that’s me!)
9-10…jenny & jillian
10-11…annie & will


kids ~ current joys
i’m just as bad as you are ~ slow hollows
orpheus under the influence ~ the buttertones
so sad, so sad ~ varsity
right mind ~ the date ohhs
give me something ~ enjoy
cowboy kid ~ stale tv
ray gun ~ slow hollows
daylight/moonlight ~ the red pears
lipstick ~ ariel pink
desire ~ current joys
out the door ~ aquaculture
windowpane ~ mild high club
cabin ~ tom c. bumpz
mellow moves ~ triathalon

charlotte & arianna

Seven- rainbow kitten surprise
Autumn sweater- yo la tengo
Mary- alex g
Rhiannon- Fleetwood Mac
My body’s a zombie for you- dead mans bones
Girls who get ready- cosima
For good (feat. Sampa the great)- REMI
lover of mine- beach house
Tibetan pop stars- hop along
Hair die- fox academy
Grim reefer- Spector
Spooky ghost- teen suicide


the addams family- vic mizzy
let’s stay together- al green
if i ever feel better- phoenix
beast of burden- the rolling stones
moonage daydream- david bowie
goodbye stranger- supertramp
cold bones- the symposium
one more tear to cry- mac demarco
50 ways to leave your lover- paul simon
middle school dance (song for richard swift)- foxygen
badfish- sublime
season of the witch- donovan

jenny & jillian

Crunch Time – Chris Travis
feel so good – mase
good vibrations – marky mark and the funky bunnch
people everyday – arrested development
never catch me – flying lotus (feat kendrick lamar)
dont you evah – spoon
new person, same old mistakes – tame impala
blue veins- the raconteurs
the wheel – tremors
Mommas House – 100rax
Cant Repeat the Past – Leonardo Dicaprio
Campfire Song song – spongebob cast
Homage – mild high club
spooky scary skeletons (remix) – tombstone

annie & will

Didn’t Cha Know- Erykah Badu
Ham ‘N’ Eggs- A Tribe Called Quest
High (ft. Danny Brown)- Freddie Gibbs
Annie (acoustic)- Mac Demarco
7 AM- Ashkidd
Going to California- Led Zeppelin
Free Lunch- Isaiah Rashad
Ezekiel 25:17- Samuel L. Jackson


Holdin on to black metal- my morning jacket
in circles- sunny day real estate
Crooked teeth- death cab for cutie
Falling out of love at this volume- bright eyes
Black Cadillacs- modest mouse
Polyethylene (parts 1 and 2)- radio head
Holland 1945- neutral milk hotel
This is why we fight- the decemberists
Across the sea- weezer
Change your mind- the killer
coldest winter- Kanye west
Good morning mr wolf- Patrick Watson
like clockwork- queens of the Stone Age