Wed Ness Day

lucy and mathew at 5

emi at 6

and 7!

nate at 8

josh and liam at 9

wilder at 10

reid and thomas at 11


lucy and mathew

do you realize?? – the flaming lips
do you want to – franz ferdinand
i’m not down – the clash
sheena is a punk rocker – ramones
good vibration – the beach boys
hound dog – elvis presley
let’s spend the night together – the rolling stones
i’m only sleeping – the beatles
i shot the sherrif – eric clapton
man in black – johnny cash
lonely boy – the black keys
oh boy – buddy holly
you’re my best friend – queen
gratisfaction – the strokes
andromeda – gorillaz
PRIDE. – the goat
things it would have been helpful to know before the revolution – padre juan misty
t5 – swet shop boys
tennis court – the person who sang royals
surf – earl sweatshirt
continental shelf – preoccupations
on the level – god
apocalypse dreams – tame impala
drunk drivers/killer whales – will toledo and the gang
broken whiskey glass – papa john
sign of the times – harry styles