6 PM: Josh (minus Afro & Jack)
adies and gentlemen we are floating in space-spiritualized
never meant-american football
pink chimneys-the promise ring
waitin’ for a superman-the flaming lips
decatur, or, a round of applause for your stepmother!-sufjan stevens
how to disappear completely-radiohead
los angels oohashi u turn-sentimental city romance
on gp-death grips
floridada-animal collective
just like honey-the jesus and mary chain
blue hawaiin-pavement
winters love-animal collective
i want wind to blow-the microphones

7 PM: M & M

8 PM: Brain Sludge
Darklands- The Jesus And Mary Chain
Cliquot- Beirut
Schizophrenia- Sonic Youth
Helicopter- Deerhunter
Little Wing- Jimi Hendrix
Falling Down- Tears for Fears
Recent Bedroom- Atlas Sound
The Soft Parade- The Doors

9 PM: Gentile Giant
Come on! Feel the Illinoise! – sufjan stevens
spit on a stranger – pavement
computer face / pure being – flying lotus
Hiyayaka na Jokei – lamp
last night’s fake blood – miniature tigers
race for the prize – the flaming lips
rough gem – islands
make it known – foxygen
my sweet lord – George Harrison
mr. tough – yo la tengo

10 PM: Muhlheimlich
Pretty Pimpin – Kurt Vile
Harvey – Alex G
New Beat – Toro y Moi
Archer on the Beach – Destroyer
Reel Around the Fountain – The Smiths
When the Sun Hits – Slowdive
Books About UFOs – Hüsker Dü
Chores – Animal Collective
Miss Black America – Curtis Mayfield
Don’t Let it Bring You Down – Neil Young
Ghost Ship is Born – Jim O’Rourke
I’m Tongue-Tied – Magnetic Fields
Old Man – Love
Last Great American Whale – Lou Reed

11 PM: j0ner